Construction Forms: Releases

THIS RELEASE and the representations made above are made with the intent that the project owner, general contractor, and any bonding company or any other party who or whose property might be liable for any payment of claims of the undersigned may rely on the language of this instrument.

The validity of this release and the representations made above are contingent on payment upon presentation of Check #______ drawn by_____________ upon its account at the________________________________________________ Bank in the amount of $ (if blanks not completed, disregard this contingency).

[Must be signed by proper person or authorized official] (Signature) Printed Name:__________________________________ Title:_________________________________________
Company Name:________________________________ Date:_________________________________________

Those receiving releases should satisfy themselves that the language of the document is sufficient to protect. Those giving the releases should satisfy themselves that the language does not give up (release) more than they intend.

When properly completed and signed, the above release language should provide an effective release of the property and parties to be released. It also allows the releasing party to limit the release date and condition its effectiveness on payment.

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